Congestion and Safety
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Congestion of the Mobile Area Transportation Study is addressed through the Congestion Management Process. The Congestion Management Process determines strategies that help alleviate congestion. Click HERE to view the DRAFT Congestion Management Plan.

When determining which strategy to alleviate congestion is best suited for a specific problem, there are several issues to be considered. The type of congestion (areawide, corridor or specific location) is a deciding factor in which type of strategy to apply. Further, the cost of a project must be weighed against its benefit. Regardless of the strategy to be applied, specific performance measures must be used to quantify the strategy’s effectiveness. If the congestion occurs throughout an entire corridor, or area-wide, then a Travel Demand Management strategy may be recommended. Conversely, if the problem is isolated to a specific location, the strategy will likely be a Traffic Operational Improvement.

The following are strategies that the Mobile Congestion Management Process has determined to be suitable for the Mobile urbanized area.
Travel Demand Management Approaches
Traffic Operational Improvements
Public Transit Capital and Operational Improvements
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Approaches / Strategies
Additional Roadway Capacity


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