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The development of alternates within each concept progresses from the minimal to the optimal, with most of the systems addressing the deficiencies of its predecessor.  Alternate 1 is the E+C system which is sometimes referred to as the “No Build” network. If the area does not build another road between 2010 and 2040, this is essentially the road network. These are improvements that are underway or have been completed since 2010. This includes Schillinger Road from Howells Ferry to Moffett which was recently authorized for construction and Interstate 10 from Carol Plantation to Halls Mill Creek.   

Most of you are familiar with the work we did for the Mobile Origin Destination Study Using Cell Phones.  The same company Airsage that collected the data for us now receives 15 Billion points a day, and archives them.  The applications of this type of data are becoming more and more useful in the transportation realm, and we need to capitalize on those types of applications. As another pilot type project, we asked if they could give us the home location of all the cell phones, or single anonymous encrypted frequencies, that were on the Bayway for a typical weekday.  November 13 th was that weekday, the data was collected and we just received it.

The data was presented to us in the form of proportions of total overall trips. So for the purpose of representation, the 2011 Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) for the Bayway (62,660 AADT) was applied to the proportion of traffic to look at estimated traffic numbers. (It should be noted that these volume numbers have increased since 2011. We used the latest AADT (2011) because we do not have available a traffic count for the Bayway for November 13 th, but the ALDOT count in the permanent counters for the Wallace Tunnels for November 13 th is 62,390 (excludes the Bankhead traffic), with speeds being 53 mph - 54 mph.)

It is interesting to see the amount of traffic from the West Coast. We are assuming these are long haul trucks coming in from the Pacific.  Another big find is that there is an estimated over 23,700 trips (37%)  on the Bayway that have a home or work location in Baldwin County.  There will be more to follow with this data in Destination 2040.

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