Transit Development Plan

SARPC contracted SARCOR with assistance from Nelson Nygaard and MPE to develop a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the Mobile Urban Area. The TDP was completed in September of 2014. The Transit Development Plan has system recommendations in four phases: immediate, phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. The immediate improvements would be at a cost of $60,815 per year. The immediate phase for program year includes streamlining Route 5 and Route 16 to improve service quality and service productivity. This phase also provides for converting Routes 19 and 20 to a point deviation Flex service as opposed to a general public dial-a-ride structure. Changes to these two routes are cost neutral and provides structure and time points to keep service predictable for customers and the Wave staff. It will also reduce the number of no shows. Phase 1 to be implemented in 2016 involves more substantive and interdependent route and system changes. The changes in Phase 1 rely on each other in order to best improve service productivity while maintaining service coverage. The changes in phase 1 include splitting Route 1 into two pieces which would provide a new route that runs from Bel Air Mall to the Mobile Regional Airport. This Route Other routes in this phase includes changes to Route 4, Route 7, Route 9, Route 10, Route 11, Route 12, Route 15 and Route 18. Phase 1 also implements a new route known as A1 Route. This route is in conjunction with the opening of the Airbus facility to provide service between downtown Mobile and Airbus. Two new flex routes are recommended in Phase 1. The first route is the New Overlook Flex Route due to the realignment of Route 4. The New Cottage Hill Flex Route is also recommended to provide a point deviation flex route because of the realignment of Route 18. The cost of Phase 1 is an additional $278,305 per year. Phase 2 for years 2017-2018 includes two new routes at a cost of $1,675,682 per year. The routes in this phase are an expansion of service to allow for more direct service between major transit destinations. Phase 2 implements New Route A2 which is a second service in conjunction with the opening of the Airbus facility. The route would travel from Bel Air Mall along Airport Boulevard to Broad Street and terminate with a turnaround in the parking lot of Airbus North America Engineering. The second new route in Phase 2 is the New Bel Air Mall/USA/Wal-Mart Route to provide more direct service between the USA campus and commercial destinations. Phase 3 for years 2019-2024 includes a 30 minute service on Fixed Routes instead of the 60 minute headway and a Satchel Paige Flex Zone. The recommendations in this phase would be an additional $6,429,283 per year.


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